• E-commerce:

  • Our e-commerce business can be dated back to 2000. Now we have the most professional operation teams and are kept informed of the latest trends. As an expert in online marketing of health foods and cosmetics, the company has enjoyed a rapid growth in the past few years.

  • Mobile Internet:

  • The company keeps in step with the times, and focuses on innovation and development of APP customization and operation. Besides, it is deeply rooted in the mobile Internet field and explores ways to narrow the gap between people and the intelligence world. Now we have accumulated rich experience and become a top domestic APP developer.


  • Shandong Hema Information Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Shandong Hema Information Technology Co., Ltd., founded in May 2014, is a leading domestic mobile APP developer and one-stop solution provider, which provides mobile product consultation, customized development, product promotion and operation services for all kinds of enterprises. The company focuses on mobile Internet and has gained rich experience and many successful cases in this field. Its projects involve many industries and sectors, such as government, education, financial, medical, food, housing, cars, media, farming, etc.

  • Jinan Daxiang information Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Jinan Daxiang Information Technology Co., Ltd, founded in April 2014, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D of prospective projects, such as mobile Internet venture, mobile phone APP, etc. With forward-looking vision and accurate pre-judgment of the market, the company takes lead in developing the mobile Internet portal, such as the mobile phone APP, and has successfully developed and operated many mobile phone APP projects.

  •  Love the Internet, have a keen interest in Internet products and technologies, and keen to pursue technical perfection and innovation.
  •  Have a deep understanding of computer data structure and algorithm design, and be familiar with at least one of the following programming languages: C/C++, Java and PHP.
  •   Understand the principles of mainstream operating systems such as windows, unix, linux, and can use the system layer to support application development.
  •  Have excellent analysis and problem-solving abilities, and have the courage to solve difficult problems.
  •  Have a strong desire to do better and thirst for knowledge, and strong learning abilities and communication skills, and a good team work spirit.
  •  Conduct research on market demand and product design before the beginning of the project, make thorough overall operation plans, and make them executed.
  •  After the launch of new products, detect the market trend, track and analyze the data, and promote improvements of products and changes of marketing strategies.
  •  Complete business negotiations smoothly and effectively, develop strategies for cooperation projects and perform them effectively, to achieve a win-win result and a long-term friendly partnership.
  •  Track Internet promotion and channel operation, etc., collect market information, propose operation ideas and present analysis reports.
  •  Design marketing activities and implement them effectively combined with product promotion and brand publicity, so as to improve the product and brand awareness.

Here the young employees create one miracle after another, and are provided with considerable salary, broad promotion space, paid vacation, tourism, social insurance, and so on.
There is open and free atmosphere here, and vast promotion possibilities.
Here we realize our dreams.
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